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Marie as a journalist, community activist, mother and grandmother and long time resident of District 10 has seen first hand what has happened and not happened within district 10. She has been aware of some of the long time problems which has affected many of us for an exceedingly long time. Simply put, Marie's statement "This has to change and that is why I am active. I owe it to my family, my friends, my community"!

My interest in Bay View Hunters Point Visitation Valley Potero Hill and Silver Terrace started many years ago when I found many much needed resources that my family friends and community needed were not available. This caused me to ask why instead of why not.

I felt very strongly we need good representation to bring about positive change and represent our rights..

As a resident of District 10 for more than 35 years, I have promoted humane solutions to social problems in San Francisco since I was 16.

I now work with the Network For Elders: the Advisory Board of Southeast Community College: the Community Court in Bayview/Hunters Point (as an Arbitrator): and the United Council of Human Services.

I serve on the Resident Advisory Board of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, a 550-acre site which should be controlled by the residents of District 10 who paid the price through their health in some cases their lives and now should have some of the economic rewards that special interest and developers are seeking.

I previously served with the Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice to combat the many sources of pollution (two Superfund sites!) in our District.

I also co-founded the Credit Union that is coming to Bayview/Hunters Point.

I write a weekly column for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper that allows me to interact with a broad range of people in this city.

By maintaining an office in our diverse multi cultural, multi racial, multi ethnic District, a District that has long been ignored by City Hall,

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Look at my new site www.electmarieharrison.com