Should Willie Brown be recalled from the Office of Mayor?


"Unexpected Results"

  1. An unexpected result of the specter of a recall election on Mayor Brown could be that he will compete with his Supervisorial candidates for  soft money.  Special interests spent over 5 million dollars in "Soft Money" to reelect Willie Brown last year.  They may have expected to be paid back over the next four years.  The recall could be a margin call and they may need to come up with more millions to protect  their investment in City Hall.


  1. According to a reliable and ethical source, a local pollster/consultant did some recent  polling of San Francisco voters. Result: Willie Brown's popularity is down to 21%. Could this be true?  How would it effect the results of a Recall Election?
  2. Willie Brown could not deliver the endorsements of  the Democratic Central Committee to his Supervisorial candidates.


Last modified: October 04, 2000