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This site, created when I was running for Supervisor in 2000, includes a wealth of information, much of which is still useful, especially the pictures and District 10 info. Now that I am again a candidate in 2006, I'm looking for your support and invite you to visit my new site at www.electmarieharrison.com Elect Marie in 2006!

Email me at electmarie@yahoo.com

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IWe need to support each other; let's stick together and send the message we can control our destiny.

Marie's Information
I began my activism early because I saw how our district has been dis-served, high unemployment, low salaries, our people having to work elsewhere in San Francisco. Our second class environmental issues, our third world health care, the corruption. The lack of training for our people, the denial of high tech opportunities. The lack of contracting opportunities, the lack of financial resources - despite much of our district qualifying for special Federal and State monies to help our people. Now the Shipyard, which by right is supposed to help us, is being manipulated from under us by special interests and greedy developers. Let's put a stop to this and protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our friends.


I truly believe if you,and me, work together we can make a positive change for District 10. Lets support each other


Discussion Board
This link allows you, as visitors to my site, to ask and answer questions about District 10.