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District 10

Community Survey

Please take the time to fill out this poll on District 10.
It will show what are the areas of interest  and the level of concern.
I feel a Supervisor should know what the community wants 
          and its priorities

1.  Are you for a full clean up of Hunters Point Shipyard - removal of toxics from the soil as indicated by proposition P?

2.  What do you feel are the highest priorities for District 10?
Small Business
Home ownership
SuperFund sites cleanup
Education & Training

3.  Please rank what you consider the most important issue of District 10.

4.  How do you rate how the city has responded to the needs of District 10.

5.  You may enter some comments on what you feel is important. 
(up to 500 characters)

6.  Are you satisfied with the response the community has had on key issues that are currently facing District 10?
I am not satisfied
I am somewhat satisfied
I have issues that are not being addressed
I am satisfied
I don't know the issues
I understand all the issues
I don't know what District I am in
I will vote
I won't vote
I know who the candidates are

7.  District 10, as well as San Francisco whole, has some burning issues. 
How do you feel about the following?
Affordable Housing is a key issue
Rent Control is a key issue
Home Ownership is a key issue
Low Interest Loans and Access to Capital
Better Schools
Better Healthcare
Better Kept and Maintained Parks
The Community needs to have more of a voice
Better Environmental Cleanup
More District Accountability, programs etc.

8.  What programs would like to see expanded in District 10?
Senior programs
Youth Programs
Job Training Programs
Employment and Placement programs
Home Ownership programs
Drug Treatment
Community Court
Child Care
Park & Recreation / After School
Business Resource Programs

9.  How do you feel about development in your neighborhood 
I am against it
I feel there is room for limited development
I feel we have room for a lot of development
I have no position on development
I feel prices are too high currently
I feel we need more local small business
I feel we need to support local contractors
I feel we need more financial programs
I own a home
I rent

10.  Do we need a Small Business Resource Center in District 10?
(How to start, and run a Small Business. Also with links to low Interest loans, tax advantages etc.)
I am in favor
We need more of this type of programs
I am against this type of program
I don't care
I would support this type of program
I would volunteer for this type of program


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