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Lets not support policy that benefits the few at the expense of the many. Ted Kennedy
Toxic Fire at Hunters Point Shipyard (click)

My Position on District 10 Housing, Employment, Environment (click)

We are in a David and Goliath Race (me versus the machine, big money, soft money and special interest).
Our plan is basic it includes all the people of the District, even those that make less than "Sixty Thousand Dollars". We all have a right to live here, we don't wish to be gentrified. We want a healthy environment for our families. We want the ability to live and work in our community. We want affordable housing. We want training for our young people and young adults. We want our communities drug free. We want our community residents to be able to start their own businesses. We want our share of contracting and sub-contracting opportunities (which have been denied). We want the benefits due us through Federal Enterprise Zones & Enterprise Communities & our tax rebate opportunities. We want a voice in our destiny. We want representation that is for our community as well as the rest of San Francisco. We need to be active if we intend on making changes.

Letís see each other as valuable fellow citizens (click)

Shipyard pollution threatens all San Franciscans (click)

Let's get together and show that grass roots can work.
(415) 720-3139, 671-0789 Fax 822-8971
or email me at electmarie@yahoo.com http://www.electmarieharrison.com

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